Here we go again…. The “A Vote for Sarvis was a Vote for McAuliffe” people are coming out of the woodwork with their post-election analysis, as if every person who voted for Savris in the Virginia Governor’s race would’ve voted for Cuccinelli if the Libertarian Sarvis wasn’t running, although that’s really irrelevant because Sarvis WAS running. It’s the same group of “A Vote for Anyone Other Than Romney is Really a Vote for Obama” people from 2012. Me? Well, I’ve got this wacky theory that goes something like this…. A vote for McAuliffe was a vote for Mcauliffe. A vote for Cuccinelli was a vote for Cuccinelli. A vote for Sarvis was a vote for Sarvis. Hey GOP, stop blaming Libertarians everytime you lose an election. Here’s another wacky theory… You didn’t lose because a Libertarian got a few votes. You lost because you got less votes than the winner. (Stand still and let that ‘DUH!!’ moment sink in.) Stop being sorry Republican losers and making excuses when you get your butt kicked in an election. Geez, what a bunch of crybabies!! You’re embarrassing yourselves and you don’t even know it.

~ by stainfreemedia on November 5, 2013.

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